Mobile Culture is a space where digital tools flirt with culture and art and it's a full match!

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search for fresh and juicy ideas to spice up your educational offer in GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums). With our propositions we wish to activate your audiences to be more engaged, intrigued, and curious of art and culture design, plan and conduct engaging and inclusive cultural activities. We hope to encourage, inspire and deliver new competencies to those who work in non-formal education programmes for adults in cultural institutions (GLAM) and NGOs. Website opens you an access to digital resources to upgrade your skills and knowledge and to accompany persons you work on day to day with through multiple free tools and activities:

- Report and guide on best practices, which presents transferable examples of online cultural activities and valuable digital tools from four partner countries, based on our research. You can adapt them to your environment and experiment with content and interactions.

- Online training platform with digital resources regarding creation of engaging online and offline activities for adults, innovative methods used in GLAM sector (such as Design Thinking, User-Centered Design, Universal Design, Co-Creation, phygital approach).

- Free, self-paced online course on how to create, conduct and promote engaging and inclusive cultural activities online for adults, especially from underrepresented groups (females, migrants, seniors, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities ect.) or those on the bring of social or digital exclusion.

- Digital publication with ready to use cultural workshop scenarios, that can be conducted online, offline or in hybrid mode,

Here we also invite you to learn about our Mobile Culture Multiplier events. These are four events held in each of partner countries (Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece) demonstrating in practice the use of recommended tools and technologies to our recipients. By networking newcomers in the field with experts, educators and representatives of GLAM sector we shaped a non-formal education users community and created a space to expand online experience with background knowledge about the tools.

Mobile Culture is the name of a partnership project created with collaboration and mutual learning by an international consortium of Culture Shock Foundation (Poland), Clictic (Spain), Roes Cooperativa (Greece) and two italian entities: Euroform RFSand Escape4Change. Project is co-funded by the European Union Programme.

Best Practices of online cultural activities for adults

Here are 20 top online cultural activity examples from Poland, Spain, Italy, and Greece, collected during our 2022 research. Find detailed descriptions in our report and guide.

This is only a teaser. Get to know all 20 ideas.