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Innovative engagement: A Coruña libraries embrace digital tools for community connection

Dream: The libraries of A Coruña envisioned creating engaging and innovative activities to keep the community connected, especially during challenging times like the pandemic. They aimed to maintain and grow their audience through creative digital experiences.

Idea: Two libraries within the Bibliotecas da Coruña network developed unique initiatives: an educational Escape Room focusing on the writer Xela Arias and International Women's Day (8M), and the Objective Bibliotek project, which included photography, ScrubBook, and Booktrailer activities. These ideas were born out of the need to continue library services and engage with younger demographics in new, interactive ways.

Realization: Utilizing digital platforms and technologies, the libraries successfully transitioned their ideas into virtual activities. The Escape Room and Objective Bibliotek projects were designed to appeal to children, teenagers, and their families, offering educational and entertaining content through a digital medium.

Challenges and Solutions: The main challenge was adapting traditional library activities to a digital format, which required learning new tools and overcoming technical obstacles. The Escape Room was developed using Genially, a platform discovered through a course, while Objective Bibliotek leveraged popular digital tools like photography and social media. Despite initial difficulties, persistence and adaptability led to successful implementation.

Innovation: The innovative approach of combining educational content with digital entertainment, such as escape rooms and multimedia projects, created a new way for libraries to engage with their community. These activities not only entertained but also educated participants, strengthening the connection between libraries and families.

Effect: The success of these initiatives was evident in the positive feedback from participants, who found the activities instructive and enjoyable. The Escape Room and Objective Bibliotek succeeded in creating meaningful connections with families, highlighting the libraries' role as vital community centers.

Target Audience: The primary audience for these activities was city children, teenagers, and their families, demonstrating the libraries' commitment to serving a broad demographic with diverse interests.

Sustainability: Both projects showcased social, economic, and environmental sustainability. They were designed to be easily replicated by others, requiring minimal resources and generating no waste. This approach emphasized the potential for widespread adoption in other libraries, schools, and cultural centers.

Digital Tools: Genially was used to create the Escape Room, while photography, video editing, and social media platforms were utilized for the Objective Bibliotek project. These tools were chosen for their accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and appeal to the target demographic.

Funding: The initiatives were executed with existing library staff within the general budget of the centers, proving that innovative community engagement projects do not necessarily require substantial additional funding.

Future: These projects set a precedent for future library activities, illustrating how digital tools can enhance community engagement and education. As Bibliotecas da Coruña continues to explore new technologies and ideas, they pave the way for libraries to remain essential, dynamic community hubs in the digital age.

Escape Room: about the writer Xela Arias and about 8M (Library Forum Metropolitano) see more
Objective Bibliotek: photography + ScrubBook + Booktrailer (Biblioteca do Castrillón) see more

Responsibile institution: Bibliotecas da Coruña (Biblioteca Forum Metropolitano, Biblioteca do Castrillón)
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Address: A Coruña, Galicia (Spain)
Contact person on good practice and on the library: Iván Serrano, Librarian,, Rosa Ferreiro and Alicia González, Library Assistant