City of Colors

Vigo: A Canvas City - Transforming urban spaces

Dream: The Vigo Project, City of Color, started with a simple yet powerful idea: to transform less attractive areas of Vigo into vibrant, art-filled spaces. This project aims to beautify the city and bring the community together through art.

Idea: The project was inspired by Vigo's history of rapid, unplanned growth in the 60s and 70s, which left the city with many empty spaces and large, blank walls. The goal became to fill these spaces with art, turning the city itself into an open-air museum and promoting art in the process.

Realization: Led by the Vigo City Council's Historical Heritage Service and supported by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vigo, the project organizes cultural activities and art performances. It emphasizes community participation, inviting citizens to be a part of the city's aesthetic transformation.

Challenges and Solutions: Engaging the community in the transformation process presented challenges, but by focusing on inclusive and interactive art projects, the initiative has successfully involved various sectors of society. The project utilizes digital tools like social media and a dedicated website to further engage the community and showcase the art.

Innovation: "Vigo: City of Color" is innovative in its approach to using public spaces as canvases for art. It's not just about beautification; it's about sustainability and community engagement. The initiative also boosts tourism and contributes to the city's development, proving that art can have a significant impact beyond aesthetics.

Effect: The project has gained international recognition for its success in transforming urban spaces through art. Each year, it attracts more participants and ideas, demonstrating the powerful role of art in community engagement and urban revitalization.

Digital Tools: The project leverages a range of digital tools, including a website that maps the art installations, social media for promotion and engagement, and the city's app for information and interactive guides.

Funding: Initially funded with over 150,000 euros, the project's budget has increased to 500,000 euros. This funding supports the creation of murals, workshops, and other art activities, ensuring that artists and contributors are compensated fairly.

Future: The project's unique and multidisciplinary nature sets it apart. Beyond painting walls, it's a comprehensive cultural initiative that involves collaboration across various city departments. This collaborative approach enhances the project's impact and reach, promising continued growth and innovation in urban art and community engagement.

Responsible institution: Vigo City Council, Department of Heritage
Link to practice:
Address: Vigo, Galicia (Spain)
Contact person for the good practice: Carmela Silva Rego, first deputy mayor of the Vigo City Council; councilor for historical heritage of the Pontevedra Provincial Council. Responsible for the project "Vigo: City of Color."
Contact person at Vigo City Council: Marta Riobo,