Mobile Culture Team

Mobile Culture is the name of a strategic partnership project co-financed by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Comission

Projest is a result of cooperation between 4 international organisations: Culture Shock Foundation (Poland),  Clictic (Spain), Roes Cooperativa (Greece) and Escape4Change (Italy)

Culture Shock
Paulina Jędrzejewska
Co-founder of the Culture Shock Foundation and president of the board. Sociologist, cultural anthropologist, trainer, mentor, coach and group process facilitator. Expert in mobile and new technology, professional burnout preventionist. Researcher, author of publications and educational materials.
Noemi Gryczko
Sociologist, manager, and certified learning experience designer (LXD). She helps educators and entrepreneurs to innovate and design more effective and engaging learning experiences online and during events. Noemi is also a lecturer at the University of Warsaw where she helps academics use technology in the classroom better. Get to know Noemi here: http://www.noemigryczko.com/en/
Sylwia Żółkiewska
Designer, cultural animator, educator and lecturer, expert in new technologies for culture and education. Helps Polish institutions and organizations in designing digital products (e-courses, games, mobile apps, websites, multimedia). Is currently focusing on digital research for her dissertation in Polish-Japanese Academy of Technology. Get to know Sylwia here: http://www.zolkiewska.pl
Olga Perzyna
Social media specialist with experience in media and PR. Polish philologist and cultural studies expert with a passion for art and manual work. In love with the idea of circular economy. Polish philologist, cultural studies specialist and art therapist by training.
Wacław Marat
Graduate of the Illustration Studio and the Multimedia Artistic Creation Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2015, his works were shown with honors, among others, at the Debut Film Festival in Koszalin, Young and Film or at the group exhibition at the Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw.
Maciej Turczyniak
Archaeologist by education, programmer by passion and profession. For many years associated with non-governmental organizations in the field of culture. Enthusiast of Open Source ideas. In between programming he deals with digital retouching and preparing photos for print.
Karolina Pyzik
Professionally related to international development within non-formal education project. Psychologist and slavic languages philologist by education. Working as UX designer, DT moderator and trainer. Fan of critical thinking and effective altruism in spare time experimenting with veganism.
Miguel Caneda
Project manager. He has a great expertise in developing courses adapted to the client’s needs and elaborating non-formal education training from a pedagogical perspective. Topics: emotional intelligence, informal education, stress management, digitalisation, blended training, training for trainers, and entrepreneurship, among others. 
Oksana Shamonova
Non-formal education projects manager, trainer, and communication specialist. She holds two degrees - in Journalism and Sustainable Management. Her specialization is the creation and development of educational, cultural and ecological projects. She is passionate about the diversity and cultural uniqueness of every society.
Roes Cooperativa
Nikos Apostolidis
With studies in mechanical engineering and entrepreneurial spirit when he is not providing plumbing solutions he fights for climate change. Green activist and passionate about the environment is the coordinator of the Save Your Hood movement in his area Serres.
Giannis Parastatidis
He has been involved in many national and international conferences and projects, representing student organisations on various key policy areas. Has expertise on EU Higher Education and Youth policies, as he was twice the delegate of the European Youth Forum towards the EU Youth Dialogue.
Ilias Giannopoulos
Social entrepreneur. His studies on Computer Science give him the opportunity to do his job with the great support of technology making things faster and more efficient. He has 4 years of experience in the field of EU projects, directing 2 companies creating learning opportunities for young people and adults as well as he’s managing numerous long scale projects.
Martina Tonarelli
Project manager, advocate of coordination and optimization for Escape4Change. Graduated with honors from the DAMS of the University of Roma Tre, specialized in the organization and management of cultural and theatrical events, specialized in acting and game based learning techniques.
Carlotta Pavese
Game and escape room designer, Degree in Ancient Literature, many years of experience in national and international volunteering, experience in the management of recreational events for local and international contexts, expert in no-formal education and game based learning techniques.
Emilia Albonico
Project designer, Master's degree in Clinical and Community Psychology. Many years of experience in writing and managing projects at national and European level in the social and non-profit field and facilitator in non-formal education activities.
Euroform (partner till April 2022)
Claudia Esposito
She holds a Languages and Cultures for International Communication and Cooperation degree and a Master's in EU project design. She has experience in international mobility and non-formal education through the Erasmus+ program and designing training courses within EU-funded projects.