Report and guide

Report and Guide on best practices. Online cultural activities for adults.

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  • Report and guide on best online cultural activities for adults created to collect European Best Practices in non-formal cultural education for adults, showcase the intermingling of art, culture, and new technologies, and share experiences from cultural institutions in Poland, Italy, Greece, and Spain.
  • It presents educational resources such as digital tools and methodologies based on valuable practices and expert interviews from partner countries. The aim is to inspire cultural animators and educators to create innovative, user-friendly, and inclusive cultural activities.

During our research we identified the following success factors of engagig activities for adults online:

  • openness of individuals and institutions to experimentation,
  • passion and commitment of those creating and implementing the activity,
  • collecting experience as a participant before embarking on creating and implementing the activity,
  • deep knowledge of the target group and their practices related to the use of new technologies, the circumstances in which they use them, 
  • participatory approach - inviting audience in concept creation and implementation of the activity,
  • creating inclusive experiences, accessible to people with wide range of abilities and disabilities (Universal Design),
  • understanding the differences between online and offline activities, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the web while trying to engage all the senses at the same time,
  • interdisciplinary mindset and approach, 
  • attractive, engaging form that stands out from other online cultural activities,
  • close cooperation between different institution departments in the implementation of a given activity or project,
  • skillful selection of cooperators and project partners from whom the institution can learn.

Find key excerpts from the publication here:

Our research uncovered the most exciting and innovative online cultural activities for adults, and we gathered practical, easy-to-use digital tools and tactics for organizing and promoting them.

Before Covid-19, people usually experienced culture in two ways: by visiting museums or cultural institutions in person or by using online tools to prepare for the visit or staying connected afterward. But since the pandemic, digital channels have become crucial for providing cultural content and engaging audiences.

This shift has led to a new focus on social media and websites, which are no longer just for communication and preparation but also for engagement, participation, and collective creation. To make this happen, it's important for GLAM organizations to invest in non-formal training for their employees. So get ready for a world of exciting, engaging online cultural experiences!

What next?

Our research has shown that GLAM professionals need better opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in creating engaging cultural activities for adults. And we're here to help!

As part of the Mobile Culture project, we've created FREE online courses that cover everything from using digital tools to promoting cultural activities for adults. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our courses will give you the skills and knowledge you need to create innovative, engaging experiences that your audiences will love.

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