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Escape Room and Bibliotek objective in Coruña

About the practice

Organizers carried out the following activities:

Escape Room: about the writer Xela Arias and about 8M (Library Forum Metropolitano) see more
Objective Bibliotek: photography + ScrubBook + Booktrailer (Biblioteca do Castrillón) see more

Story behind

The City Council of A Coruña has several libraries. During the pandemic, two of them carried out different initiatives to continue with their usual activities and, in addition, proposing new ones through new technologies.

About the institution

Bibliotecas da Coruña is a Municipal servicethat includes all the municipal libraries of the city.  As they say: “we are spaces, we are people, we are resources, we are ideas, we are services, we are COMMUNITY. One step or one click away, there is a library right next to you.”


Due to the situation caused by the pandemic and given the need not to lose contact with the usual face-to-face work groups, they wondered what they could do to work with them and after a brainstorming session they decided to hold the Escape Room. They decided to do it regarding the writer Xela Arias and about 8M.

Regarding the Bibliotek objective (photography + ScrubBook + Booktrailer), they decided to develop this activities as they noticed the need to maintain in the daily life of the library young people of an age group in which they begin to stop going to it.


City of A Coruña, Galicia (Spain)

Success factors

Escape Room: about the writer Xela Arias and about 8M.

In general, they loved the activity and it was reported that it was instructive, educational and that the students enjoyed it very much.

Bibliotek objective: photography + ScrubBook + Booktrailer.

The success factors for the developers of this activity is the link that is created with the families: that the children are happy and the interest of the families so that they do not lose the program.

Target audience

City children, teenagers and their families.


Escape Room: about the writer Xela Arias and about 8M.

The activity is sustainable socially and over time. It does not generate waste and the use of the platform is free, it can be reproduced by anyone who is interested in it.

Bibliotek objective: photography + ScrubBook + Booktrailer.

The activities of Objective Bibliotek are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable since it arises from and for society, it does not require a large amount of financing and non-polluting sustainable resources are used. In addition, they believe that it is easily transferable, both in libraries and in schools or cultural centers.

Digital tools

The digital tool with which they created the Escape Room was Genially. They learned about this platform through a course.

Many difficulties arose in its development but they managed to get it off the ground after spending hours on it, after error/successful work.

Regarding the Bibliotek objective, as they create photography + ScrubBook + Booktrailer activities, the tools they used are: photography, videos, live up and social networks. They chose them because they are affordable and because they are used constantly by boys and are attractive to them.


For the development of the two activities, no major financing was needed. They were carried out counting on the hours of work of the library staff, integrated into the general budget of the centers.

Organization/ Institution
Bibliotecas da Coruña (Biblioteca Forum Metropolitano, Biblioteca do Castrillón)
Good practice link
A Coruña, Galicia (Spain)
Contact person on good practice and on the Library
Iván Serrano, Librarian, i.serrano@coruna.gal
Rosa Ferreiro and Alicia González, Library Assistant
Coordinator; a.gonzalez-garces@coruna.gal