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Virtual tour in Amarousiou Municipality

About the practice

In the context of the digital transition, the Natural History Museum of the Municipality of Maroussi has developed a virtual tour application where the user has the opportunity to browse its premises and observe in 3D a large part of its exhibits. 

Story behind

The upgrade of the web presence of the Natural History Museum of the Municipality of Maroussi began in 2018 when the Municipality awarded the project to a private company through a tender. The project included a new website with informative information about the museum, a virtual tour, online games, 3D exhibits, and augmented reality applications.

About the institution

The Natural History Museum of the Municipality of Maroussi is one of the largest museums of its kind in Greece in terms of the number and completeness of its exhibits, founded in 1998.


The need to modernise the online infrastructure was the trigger for a series of upgrades to the existing website and the virtual tour of the museum, as well as the creation of new educational digital tools such as online games, a free augmented reality application and a separate 3D gallery of the exhibits.


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Success factors

It has been observed that since the launch of the application, the number of visits to the museum by individual visitors from various parts of Greece has increased significantly.

Target audience

The virtual tour application is mainly addressed to students and educational staff, researchers, people involved in the subject, and people who do not have the opportunity to visit the museum in a physical way.


According to the museum staff, it is considered a practice that could easily be implemented by other institutions due to its affordable cost. Today there are many companies that undertake the implementation and maintenance of this type of business with experience in the field.

Digital tools

For this practice ,special 3D recording equipment was used and the museum staff were trained  accordingly.


The financing of the project was done through the Municipality through a tender to the company with the best offer 


The Museum of Natural History of the Municipality of Maroussi has the most stuffed animals in Greece but not all of them have a 3D model in the virtual tour.

Organization/ Institution
Museum of Natural History of the Municipality of Maroussi
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Kyprion Agoniston & Kairi 2, 151 26 Maroussi, Greece
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Koletti Lida