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Digital renaissance: The National Museum in Warsaw's social media revolution

Dream: The National Museum in Warsaw (MNW) aimed to redefine the museum experience, making it accessible, engaging, and relevant in the digital age. Recognizing the transformative power of social media, the museum set out to create dynamic and interactive profiles that could both educate and entertain a wide audience.

Idea: In response to the pandemic lockdowns and the museum's temporary closure in 2020, the MNW envisioned a vibrant online presence. By harnessing the capabilities of Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, the museum planned to offer a mix of humor, knowledge, and creative reinterpretations of artwork, effectively bringing the museum's treasures into the digital realm.

Realization: The launch of "Digital MNW" and the museum's innovative social media strategy marked a new chapter in its engagement with the public. The museum's social media profiles became a canvas for creativity, featuring artwork remixes, collages, motion graphics, quizzes, and educational videos, all designed to capture the imagination of a diverse audience.

Challenges and Solutions: Transitioning from traditional museum curation to dynamic online content creation posed challenges in content production and audience engagement. The solution lay in fostering a culture of experimentation and collaboration within the team, leveraging their collective passion and creativity, and utilizing a variety of digital tools and platforms to produce compelling content.

Innovation: MNW's social media initiative stands as a pioneering effort among cultural institutions, characterized by its willingness to embrace trends, its engaging and accessible content, and its strategic use of digital tools to remix and share artwork. This approach not only broadened the museum's reach but also set a benchmark for digital engagement in the cultural sector.

Effect: The museum's social media profiles have garnered significant attention and acclaim, becoming some of Poland's most outstanding cultural social media accounts. The initiative has successfully connected with various age groups, including teenagers, and reached individuals who are geographically or socially excluded.

Target Audience: The MNW's social media outreach is designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of the population, including young people, Poles living abroad, and individuals facing various forms of exclusion. This inclusive approach underscores the museum's commitment to making art and culture accessible to everyone.

Sustainability: Operating social media profiles is a cost-effective and replicable strategy for cultural institutions. The skills required for effective social media management are learnable, making it possible for other museums to adopt similar approaches to engage with their audiences.

Digital Tools: The museum utilizes an array of digital tools, including high-quality cameras, gimbals, micro-ports, podcast microphones, and software like Adobe suite, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie. These resources enable the production of diverse content, from videos and quizzes to gifs and memes.

Funding: The social media department's activities are supported by internal MNW funds, supplemented by collaborations with sponsors. This financial model facilitates the ongoing development and expansion of the museum's digital initiatives.

Future: The National Museum in Warsaw's journey into the digital domain represents a transformative approach to cultural engagement. As the museum continues to explore and innovate, its social media platforms will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of connecting art with the digital generation.

Responsible institution: National Museum in Warsaw


Contact person on good practice: Beata Górska-Szkop, Justyna Borowska - Communication and Public Programs Department, social media

+48 22 622 57 81 (Communication and Public Programs Department), lszura@mnw.art.pl