Innovative cultural activities, ready-to-use materials, tips & tricks

This publication was created to support both smaller and larger cultural institutions in creating attractive offline and online cultural activities. Thanks to inspiring workshop scenarios for different groups; cultural animators and educators can enhance creativity, confidence, and digital skills of their participants. The publication includes helpful methods, techniques, and tools that facilitate the planning and conducting of cultural activities:

  • eight ready-to-use workshop scenarios to be led in a library, community center, archive, or museum using free digital tools and popular devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones,
  • tips and hints on inclusivity,
  • a list of free digital tools for use in cultural activities (also those based on AI).

Each scenario includes suggestions for adapting it to an online dynamic. For groups with various limitations (hearing, visual, mobility), it is recommended to: simplify the scenario (use only basic tools), extend the duration of the workshop, limit the number of participants, conduct the workshop jointly with other educators.

Each scenario also includes:

  • tips on its progression,
  • a list of materials, methods, and tools needed for its implementation,
  • additional materials for use during preparation and useful links to expand knowledge.

At the end of the publication, there are detailed guidelines on how to make the workshop more inclusive, what to pay attention to, how to prepare, and how to communicate with the audience, as well as an up-to-date, interactive list of free digital tools for creating multimedia and AI-based tools, along with examples of their use in the context of cultural education.

The list was created based on recommendations from research conducted as part of the Mobile Culture project and the following criteria: safety, free access, and usefulness in cultural education.