Online Reading Club

Adapting to change: The Porriño library's journey

Dream: The dream behind the initiative was to future-proof the library by cultivating new audiences, with a special emphasis on children, recognizing them as tomorrow's patrons. This approach also aimed at engaging their parents, broadening the reach and impact of the library's offerings.

Idea: The idea to transition the Library of Porriño's reading club to a digital format emerged as a response to the pandemic. Recognizing the value of continuing this longstanding community service, the library sought innovative ways to maintain engagement through digital platforms.

Realization: The transition was realized through the use of accessible technology, starting with WhatsApp and later incorporating Zoom for virtual meetings. This allowed the reading club to continue its sessions, fostering a sense of community and continuity among its members.

Challenges and solutions: A major challenge was the digital divide, particularly among the club's older women members, who were not native digital users. The solution involved choosing user-friendly technologies and providing support and guidance, ensuring everyone could participate effectively in the new format.

Innovation: The innovative aspect of this practice was the seamless shift from physical to digital gatherings without losing the essence of the reading club. This adaptation showcased the library's flexibility and commitment to its community's needs during unprecedented times.

Effect: The most significant effect was the maintenance of almost 100% of the club's membership through the transition to digital and back to face-to-face meetings. The library succeeded in preserving this cultural institution, demonstrating resilience and adaptability.

Financial support: The initiative was financially supported by the existing budget of the Municipality allocated to the Library, highlighting the sustainable nature of this shift towards digital engagement.

Future: Looking ahead, the library has integrated a blog for the Reading Club into its strategy, embracing digital tools as a permanent aspect of its outreach and engagement efforts. This move indicates a forward-thinking approach to blending traditional and digital methods to serve the community better.

Responsible institution: Library of Porriño
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Address: O Porriño, Galicia (Spain)
Contact person on good practice: Albino Alonso, Library Coordinator;
Contact person on BNE: Albino Alonso, Library Coordinator;